Nature as Muse


Mark making is for me a form of access. An ever-challenging practice of discovery, using the lush and beautiful language of paint, inspired by the natural world.

My work is not pre-planned, it is instead explored. This surrender to the materials- the paint, the tools, the surface- becomes a dialogue with the work itself and its inspiration. A call and response. An improvisation. One learns this way to listen, pay attention, and react. The painting, like Nature, will always have her way with you. She will take you where she wants to go.

~Karri McLean Allrich



Artist Karri McLean Allrich is a 1976 graduate of the Corcoran School of Art in Washington DC. Post art school she has crisscrossed the country, living and painting on both coasts, from Cape Cod to Santa Monica, from the Rockies to the Berkshires, and the Northwest to the Southwest. Her work is in private and public collections in the United States, Canada, England, and Japan. She has participated in numerous solo gallery shows, group exhibits, and invitationals, and was commissioned by Nordstrom to create multiple abstract works, on view at select stores in the United States and Canada.